Welcome to the website of the BR Class 8 Steam Locomotive Trust, custodians of Steam Locomotive number 71000 Duke of Gloucester – known by many as “The Duke”.

The Duke is a much-loved locomotive inspiring all age groups and appealing to both stalwart steam enthusiasts and those who are new to the appeal of steam railways. What all supporters of the Duke have in common is a deep-seated affection for this unique and very special piece of our steam railway heritage.

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Why we need your support

The maintenance of the Duke is funded primarily by public support including membership subscriptions, donations and fares paid for rail-tours hauled by the locomotive.


The Duke is currently based at Crewe and is in need of a Heavy General overhaul in order to return it to mainline operational condition. A number of modifications will also be required in order to maintain compatibility with the latest developments in railway technology. It is the objective of the Trust to achieve this by 2017 and, within the constraints imposed by operation on the 21st century railway, to restore the Duke as closely as possible to its original 1954 external condition and livery on completion of the overhaul.

How you can get involved

By subscribing as a Member of the Trust, you will be helping us to fund the return of the Duke to mainline operation and will be making a valuable contribution to the preservation of our railway heritage.

There are also opportunities to have a more hands on involvement, for example, working with the support crew or as a member of the sales team. Whatever you choose there will be a warm welcome for you within the new Trust.

Why be involved?

As a member you will receive exclusive updates about the progress of the overhaul, as well as behind-the-scenes glimpses into the process.

But, most of all, you make a real contribution to safeguard this iconic engine for future generations.

Find out more about Membership and how you can support this much-loved locomotive.

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