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71000 Duke of Gloucester is truly unique. It was unique in concept and design, unique as a historic artefact and displayed a unique ability by its owning company and volunteers to take “The Impossible Dream,” a dream that was laughed out of the room by the then Heritage Railway Association committee and make it happen.

There are several new build projects that will build a replica of examples of lost classes but 71000 is the only locomotive that can claim to be unique throughout. That is why its loyal supporters are still giving time and money to maintaining the locomotive’s opportunity to operate on the rail lines of the UK.
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71000 Duke of Gloucester is arguably the finest steam locomotive this country has ever produced. It is certainly one of the (two) most powerful classes in main line preservation and has the potential to be the MOST powerful.

The Duke now needs funds that will not only secure a full overhaul to mainline operating standards, but also the cost of operating it and the building up of reserves for its boiler inspection, which is required after seven years of operation on the main line.

More than that, we want the funds to create the ‘Super Pacific’ that Riddles had intended the Duke to be, in short, not just the only Class 8 Pacific to be built, but the finest!

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