Trust Officers

Get to know the Officers and Trustees of the Trust.
We asked the officers and trustees to answer the ten questions.
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Trevor&Locos Square

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Trevor Tuckley

Trust Chairman & Trustee

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Steve Wakeland

Senior Principal & Trustee
Phil Sanderson (crop)

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Phil Sanderson

Engineering Liaison Principal & Trustee (Trust Secretary)

Membership Principal

Membership Principal
Dave Oliver crop

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Dave Oliver

Engineering Manager & Team Leader
Stuart Sladdin crop_square

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Stuart Sladdin

Marketing & Procurement Principal


The Trustees of the BR Class 8 Steam Locomotive Trust are:

Dave Oliver
Trevor Tuckley
Phil Sanderson
Steve Wakeland

The Duke Management Structure

As the Trust grows it is important that roles and responsibilities are defined and allocated to individuals.  The chart below shows the structure of the organisation with reporting lines: