Support Coach Appeal

The Trust’s Support Coach (Mk2 BFK W17041) that has been used for many years has served the Trust well. An opportunity to purchase a more versatile dual-braked Corridor Brake First coach that better fits The Duke’s future needs recently presented itself. The new coach requires a similar amount of work to bring it up to mainline standards so this Appeal remains appropriate.

As The Duke’s overhaul nears completion our thoughts are turning towards getting ready to run on the mainline. The Trust will need to get a Support Crew together and have our Support Coach available to accommodate them. Recruiting the Support Crew is already in hand as is ensuring the members will hold the necessary competencies. The Support Coach on the other hand does need to be brought back up to mainline running standards.


The Trust had planned for any work on our Support Coach to be done in-house by the volunteer Working Parties, but this has not been possible. The Support Coach needs to be available when The Duke returns to traffic so that he may take on any charter work that might come our way and certainly by Quarter 1 of 2022. It is estimated that to bring our Corridor Brake First (BFK) coach up to mainline standard will cost £40k. So, we are re-launching the Support Coach Appeal.


The Boiler Tube Appeal when Gift Aid is added will have raised close to £28k. Now we are turning our attention to the Support Coach. Several Trust members have contributed to this Appeal when it was initially launched in 2018. To remind everyone the Support Coach Appeal was to sponsor each of its 63-foot (30.5 cm) length for £500. This will raise £32k but with Gift Aid could reach the £40k needed. Our graphic below shows the Appeal’s progress so far..


You do not have to sponsor your foot length in one payment. If you prefer 10 monthly payments of £50 that is more than acceptable. Sponsors will be issued with an electronic certificate showing the section of Support Coach sponsored upon the receipt of a total of £500.


Linear Feet Now Sponsored

Click on the product here and you can sponsor a linear foot of our Support Coach online and immediately.


Or download a sponsorship form by clicking the link below.

This is a sample Certificate.

Should you sponsor  the Support Coach your Certificate will have a vertical green stripe indicating the section you have sponsored.

Learn more about our dual-braked Mk1 Support Coach 17015  here.


View images of 17015 in our Flickr Gallery



Download a Support Coach Sponsorship Form Today!

In thanks to everyone who has supported The Duke and his support coach in the very many ways we shall install a plaque in the support coach to commemorate this fantastic support.


Please Note: The Trust reserves the right to appoint funds raised from any appeal as may be required from time to time.

Support Coach Appeal – Roll of Honour

The following have kindly sponsored 17015’s refurbishment:

Robert Rudkin, Phillip Gill, Brian Pearson, Stuart Reid, Michael Hughes, Philip + Janice Morris, David Bennett, Michael Crawley, Richard Denton, Alan Freebre and Barry Austin.

Sponsor the Support Coach and get your name added to this list.