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A Glimpse of the Future?

Is this how the Duke will reappear to the public after the major overhaul is completed?  Sign in to see…

A fascinating read from 1954

Sign in to read an article published in the Railway Magazine about the Duke in 1954.

The Life and Times of a Duke

Book coverMartyn McGinty, author of the wonderful book – The Life and Times of a Duke, has kindly granted permission for us to serialise his book for the benefit of members.  We have now published the whole book; sign in to read the final section: A retrospective.

October 2016: Now updated to include the final instalment: Chapter 7 – “A Retrospective”

“Too often is the best withheld
that ‘good enough’ may thrive
and oftener the truth concealed
that secrets may survive”
– Martyn McGinty

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