Working Party Report – April 2023


Work has been continuing on a number of fronts over the past few months.

On the tender the electrical conduits are complete and cabling is being run through and terminated. Remaining bearings in the brake rigging have been fitted and it’s complete. Some copper piping on the air braking circuit has been replaced.

Tender – New cabling











On the locomotive the cab electronics enclosures under the driver and fireman’s seats have been trial fitted and adjustments are ongoing. Trial fitting of gauges and regulator handle have been carried out to determine locations for revised signaling warning equipment.

Loco cab – Electronic components enclosure











The connecting rods were cleaned up after testing (with exception of the centre rod) and overhauled and new bearings are now fitted and laid out for the rods to go back on.

Loco – Coupling/connecting rod cleaning
Loco – New rod bearing
Loco motion ready to be reattached.











Cleaning of cladding panels is ongoing in all weathers! removing muck and corrosion and treating before repainting where required and storing ready for fitting.

Loco – frost covered panel – cleaning in all weather!
Loco – more panel cleaning – an almost endless task!











Injectors and associated equipment has been cleaned up for fitting during the upcoming hydraulic and steam tests. Superheater header coverings have been cleaned and painted and new top cover manufactured as it was heavily corroded!!

Loco – Superheater header cover – the corroded and new versions
Loco – the completed replacement superheater header cover











In the coach the CET tank was fitted and further painting in the kitchen/ workshop and guards compartments has been carried out. Window bars have been fitted to the drop lights on the doors to meet mainline requirements.

Support Coach – polishing the new window bars
Support Coach – Window bars fitted
Support Coach – Window bars fitted











Much still to do but great progress being made!

Andrew Bailey
Projects Principal & Trustee