Working Party Report – September 2022


The working parties were once again back at Tyseley throughout September 2022 and work on the Locomotive is gathering pace.

The two pictures below show the reassembly of one of the three Caprotti ‘boxes’:














Loco work

The Front-driving axle has since the last update returned from the South Devon Railway with  new tyres, these have now been profiled and the assembly is being painted (pictured top). They along with the main driving axle will be fitted to the loco eminently followed by the motion. Two of the Duke’s Caprotti gear boxes have been fully re-assembled, and once the other gear box is put back together, both will be returned to the Loco. A new lot of pipe work has been added to the locomotives Cylinders, this is not a easy task, the copper pipe has had to be annealed (heated to a very high temperature), bent into shape and cleaned (see picture on the right).


Tender work

Work continues on the electric components for the tender, with the installation of the conduit runs for all the cables, the air pipes and tanks have been fitted and secured.


Support Coach

The guys have been working on the battery boxes on the support coach. New batteries are on site ready to fit, It is pretty much completed on the outside, but work is still pending with regards to the interior.