Working Parties Report – April 2021

Working Parties Report – April 2021

As COVID-19 lockdown restrictions have been relaxed with certain coronavirus measures in place the Trust can resume Working Parties at Tyseley Locomotive Works. Working Parties have recommenced on Wednesdays and Saturdays with maximum attendees being 4 and 6 respectively until further notice.

Since the Trust has successfully sold the BFK Mk2 support coach (W17041) considerable work has of work has taken place to remove the Trust’s belongings from it and finding somewhere to store it. As part of the sale safety certification of the gas and electrical systems was required. The coach is due to move to its new owner as soon as is practically possible.

Loco Work

The cab is the focus of work at present with de-rusting the floor and removing the internal paint ready for re-coating. The bolts between the floor and side have been removed as they were badly eroded which allowed access to the rust that had bulged the floorplate. One side has been done with the other to do.

The floorplate needs some repair and welding in parts.

All the old electrical train safety equipment has been removed with fixing holes in the roof welded up. This now needs treating and painting. The driver and fireman’s seat bases also need extending to accommodate the new electric train safety system.

Tender Behind

The horn guide stays have been refitted.

Images of progress through 2021 can be found in our Heavy Overhaul 2 – 2021 Flickr Album

Dave Oliver
Engineering Principal

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