A piece of the Duke – Open for bids…

A piece of the Duke – Open for bids…

You can own your very own replica of the Duke’s whistle, identical to the real one that is mounted on the locomotive.  The whistle is solid brass and is 12 inches high, 4 inches in diameter and weighs over 14 lbs.  Since you won’t have your own Duke to attach the whistle to, we have mounted it on a presentation board so that it will look great on your sideboard or in a presentation cabinet.

We are looking for bids for this item and will sell it to the highest bidder after the Tyseley Open Days in September 2019.  The reserve price is £700 and you can enter a bid by posting a comment on this post.  If you wish your bid to be anonymous, please state that when you post a comment.


Current highest bid: Anonymous – £725

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