Working Party 01/06/2019

Working Party 01/06/2019

Here is the working party report from 01/06/2019

Attendees: 9

Team Leader: Dave Oliver

Tender – the almost inaccessible place in the back of the dragbox was cleaned and had two coats of paint, this is now as far as we can go until the wheels/axles are removed.
Loco – work continued removing as much carbon as possible from the steam/valve chambers, again difficult access but will pay dividends removing as much as possible for trouble free running.
Container – the bolts for the horn guide plates (almost 100 of them) have been cleaned and threads chased ready for reuse.
More of the running plates were cleaned and undercoated – these can then be safely stored ready for refitting and top coat of paint.

Next working day: 15th June, team leader John Attridge.



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